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  • Each day I ride, I'll post my power file here. I use an iAero III and iBike software for Mac (files from 5/09 and earlier were from a PowerTap and Saris' PowerAgent software). The file will give you all the same information I have. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them there.

    I am a 170lb Cat 3 road racer.

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Mike I am surprised Ibike had you send yours in first. All the times I had problems with mine, I was sent a new one and asked to send the old one back if any problems arouse. You will get one soon I am guessing. That is the one thing I was totally impressed by ibike was their customer service was some of the best.

Really? Hm, they must have changed their policy. Or they're singling me out. Fortunately it's a rest week for me so I don't miss it too much.

Kyle, what made you switch from the ibike powermeter to the SRM? I'm thinking about dropping some coin on two PowerTaps since 5 SRMs are way out of my budget right now, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a better idea just to buy an ibike or two.

Mike, I'm looking forward to your comments regarding the customer service from ibike. Saris has been pretty good about answering my pre-sale questions pretty quickly, but it always the post sale customer service that is the most important.

Fabrizio, what's nice about the iBike is that it's portable from one bike to the next. You'd need a mount for each bike (which is over $100 as they've got some electronics in them) and you'd also have to spend time calibrating each one. But one head unit would be enough. I think there's a lot of discussion of this on www.ibikeforums.com.

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