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  • Each day I ride, I'll post my power file here. I use an iAero III and iBike software for Mac (files from 5/09 and earlier were from a PowerTap and Saris' PowerAgent software). The file will give you all the same information I have. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them there.

    I am a 170lb Cat 3 road racer.

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Now does I-bike still use wind movement to calculate power or are they basing it off ant technology. I had two of the earliest versions and I am just curious. I think using an I phone is pretty sweet. THe only drawback is the 3 hour time limit on using the unit while riding.

Mike May

Both, Kyle. When I train I use a PowerTap hub and the data you see here for training rides is from the PT. But the iBike records data from the same ride using its wind port as well, so I can compare the two afterwards. (They're very close - you can use the PowerTap to calibrate the iBike, essentially teach it what different power outputs are.) When I race I use the iBike by itself so I can race with whatever blingtastic wheels I choose.

I think this new iDash thing also has a battery backup for your iPhone so you can run it longer than a few hours.


I will consider getting an Ibike once I get my finances straight. I think it is so neat you could even use a touch. But to use the maps and weather feature is just awesome and to take calls. My wife and I are going to use the locate feature att has so she will know where I am on my training rides.

Thanks for the info.


what does brilf stand for

Mike May

It's like Milf, but the BR is for Bike Racer.

iPod Touch 5G

Twice I've done this road race and twice I've been dropped. Both times it was on the long hill that precedes the left-turn to the feed zone - one year on the last lap, another on the very first.

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OK all these high tech features are great, but what can you do if you ever loose your car keys ? Play with your Iphone ? Of course not, just look for a professional and reliable locksmith ! Good luck !

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