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Welcome to brilf.net, Descente Marketing Department

At least, I think it's you. Here's how my site stats for the last 20 visitors look:


(And no, they're not all the same person - different computers, browsers, screen resolutions, though all coming from the same IP address root.)

Congratulations, Descente. You've discovered what every interactive marketer has long known in his heart to be true: Put the word "PENIS" on an advertisement and people will talk about you.

Now that you've cracked the code, the smart marketer asks the obvious question - how can we scale it?

I don't mean, "What else can we sell by saying 'PENIS'?" Rather, how can you get more cyclists to talk about protecting their penises? I gave some suggestions in my other post and I do think extending the campaign into a bigger microsite is not just important, but necessary. Right now it's a good idea, truncated.

But I'd think also about extending the idea into the product line. Think of the viral implications (I know, I shouldn't be talking about penises 'virally' - but would you rather I said 'word-of-mouth'?) if there is something visible on your shorts that references the campaign and concept? Like a 'Dr Frank Speak Protected Penis' seal of approval subtly yet visibly placed on the crotch of the shorts themselves? You know everyone looks at cyclists' crotches - finally you're giving people license to, and encouraging cyclists to flaunt it a bit.

Advertising is effective when it elicits a response, but it's sustainable when the messaging is tied directly into the value proposition of the product. Right now, in any given peloton, you're just another pair of shorts. But with a little integration between marketing and product development, you can become the Pro Shorts that Protect Penises, Peloton-wide.


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